About The Wrestling Factory at George School


Care for each other, do the right thing, never ever give up.

What makes us unique

Athletes participate in championship mindset training each practice. They gain real skills to use in life and wrestling. Wrestlers learn to self-assess their emotions and feelings before, during, and after they wrestle. Coach Diglia’s experiences as a teacher, counselor, and mindset coach allow him to individualize this experience for all wrestlers and teach them strategies to use when their thoughts and emotions are not present.

This is a club with a real culture for caring and one of the country’s only complete curriculums that breaks skills into essential “pre” skills required rather than showing “moves”. Each session is sequential and builds on prior skills. As an educator and someone who struggles with attention myself, I saw a need to be innovative with the pacing of our practices. No more is there a slow in and out with a coach talking excessively. We show for 45 seconds, practice for a minute, and refine as needed keeping this pace as we go.

Wrestling Factory - Leveled Wrestling System

Fun-da-mentals (Ages 4-10)

Beginners will develop athleticism and confidence with our science based Athlete Factory program - in a FUN way. Your wrestlers will build the skills, confidence, and toughness to succeed in any sport.

Character building activities and games. Introduction to 'wrestling moves', wrestling skill based games, live wrestling when ready.

Immediate Access to coaches for entire practice for feedback.


Youth Wrestling (Ages 6-12)

For more advanced wrestlers. Wrestling skills, hard drill, learning how to wrestle, live wrestilng.

Character building and lessons on wrestling mindset.

Access to coaches for feedback.


MS/HS/College (Ages 11 - College)

Intense college style practice with Coach Diglia and guest college coaches.

One of the country's most intense rooms.

Mindset lesson included with every practice!

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